Let Me Guide You

I am Brandon Taylor, and I’m a solar sales specialist with over 2 years of industry experience. I’ve helped more then 50 families protect their rates from local utility companies by going solar. I offer full suite of services that consist of, building customizing a design for each individual homeowner during the initial consultation. I provide industry expertise on maintenance, repair and solar panel installation. Homeowners can now see if they are eligible to take advantage of the Illinois shines program, this was mandated by the state of Illinois. In short, its a program that allows homeowners to receive a no-cost Solar consultation, site survey of the home and installation of solar panels that are under our warranty.

Why Go Solar?

What Makes You Eligible?

  1. Must be the homeowner/ on title of home.
  2. Must have a minimum of a 650 credit score.
  3. The home must receive a certain amount of sun hours.
  4. The roofing and electrical on home must be in good condition.

Have a Question About Solar Engery For Your Home?

I can save you on average 30% on your current electric bill. When you make the switch to solar, you’ll have protected rates that are federally regulated
With those qualifications you put on the site gets you solar for $0 upfront
At the end of the Video on their it says the con is initial cost!

Feel free to contact me Brandon Taylor, and I will help be your guide!

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